Adresse: Au départ de l'Office de Tourisme Tours Date: Mercredi 14 août 2019 - lundi 11 nov. 2019

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  • "What it says on the tin"

    mardi 18 juin 2019

    "Very nice trip with a very intelligent, polite and knowledgeable tour guide."


"What it says on the tin"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mardi 18 juin 2019

Very nice trip with a very intelligent, polite and knowledgeable tour guide.

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"Chateaux visits in shared Can with driver"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté jeudi 13 juin 2019

I was quite satisfied with the day trips to various chateaux organized through the Tourist Office. Discounted entries were about 7,50 to 8,50 euros each. The drivers were all pleasant, helpful and spoke excellent English. The time allotted for each visit was reasonable, although one might stay longer if one were driving oneself or not packing so many visits into a single excursion. As a single traveler, I enjoyed the conviviality of other participants during the drives. Highly recommended.

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Dany Quévy

"Bien aimé"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mercredi 29 mai 2019

Madame, Monsieur,

Je suis allé dimanche à l'excursion Chambord - Chenonceau.

Je tenais à remercier aussi l'office du Tourisme de Tours près de la gare pour leur bon accueil.

Je voudrais remercier particulièrement notre Guide CLARENCE, grâce à lui, j'ai pu avoir mon train de 19h09 pour Angers, et pour ces explications.

Bonne journée à toi.

Dany Quévy

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"Beautiful châteaux and wonderful driver!"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté samedi 9 mars 2019

I did the half-day tour to Chenonceau and Chambord and it was quite an experience. The drive is long, but you're able to spend about 1.5 hours at both, which I thought was a good amount of time. My driver was so friendly and we talked the whole way back from the châteaux to Tours. Definitely recommend!

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4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté mardi 6 nov. 2018

accompagnatrice sympa

temps trop court visite Chambord

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"Half-Day Tour"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté dimanche 7 oct. 2018

Excellent, informative driver / guide and 2 terrific sites to visit.

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"Basic tour"

4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté dimanche 30 sept. 2018

Signed up for the half-day tour to Chambord and Chenonceau. The van was uncomfortable as I was crammed in the front seat with another individual who sat in the middle next to the driver. it was a pretty silent car ride, wished the driver Elysa was a little more conversational on history. Instead, we were given ear devices to listen to on way there. Very basic drop off / pick up at each location, given allotted amount of time before heading to next location. Overall, the tour works if you are only looking for someone to drive you to/from location as each Chateau is far from each other. It's not possible to see it without a car.

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0   Épouvantable, recommandé  Commenté lundi 17 sept. 2018

My tour is in October 2018

Helena Liang -Kobayashi

"Beautiful castles "

4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté lundi 6 août 2018

The castles are beautiful. We stayed Saturday and Sunday here. However, found out many super markets, restaurants and shopping malls are closed. It was a surprise! There are no English menus, and English explanations in the museum. Wish there are more direction signs on the street. What a beautiful city, but it will be better without dog shit on the street.

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"Fabulous chateaus"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté jeudi 12 juil. 2018

With only limited time taking the TGV to Tours and then a small mini bus chateau tour from the tourist office was a very easy and stress free way of seeing some of the Château of the Loire Valley. A very enjoyable day

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