Adresse: 78 - 82, rue Bernard Palissy, 37042 Tours Cedex 1 Date: Jeudi 19 sept. 2019 - lundi 11 nov. 2019

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  • "belle organisation "

    dimanche 4 août 2019

    "Belle organisation pour découvrir 3 châteaux en un jour sans stress ! Merci, bien cordialement"


"belle organisation "

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté dimanche 4 août 2019

Belle organisation pour découvrir 3 châteaux en un jour sans stress !

Merci, bien cordialement

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5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté samedi 20 avr. 2019

Journée extraordinaire, organisation au top ,repas très agréable

5  Avis général

David Wyllie

0   Épouvantable, recommandé  Commenté dimanche 28 oct. 2018

Unfortunately we had to cancel the activity as my wife was ill. (nausea caused by stomach bug). We hope to r-ebook next year.


"Beautiful Castles, tour is only transportation and tickets"

2   Mauvais  Commenté jeudi 25 oct. 2018

We were really excited about this tour. Our day did not start off good though since we were coming from Paris and our train "split" just outside of Tours (and we were on the part that went on, not into Tours). When we finally got back to Tours, the tourism office was EXCELLENT at getting us back on track with the tour - we only missed the morning which in hindsight was a blessing.

We picked up our tour in Amboise where they were all having lunch on their own. We were to meet them in front of the tourism office there. We finally synced up and climbed into the back of a large van (not a motor coach in any way). we were in the back and this bus had NO SHOCKS. I proceeded to get beat to crap in the back - was so thankful to get out. At the castle the guide gave us tickets and basically pointed the direction to the castle with a time to be back. The castle was great but more description would have helped. Then it was back into the bus again - same thing, up to 90 over horrible roads and no shocks. Same thing at the next castle and then the ride back. I could barely walk by the end of the day. Our guide was ok and we got some information between the castles but it would have been much better to have someone with us inside the castles - we had plenty of time and thought we had paid for a tour, not a bus ride (and that's being generous).

Overall, nice sights but unless they upgrade their transportation equipment, this tour is not worth the money. You get no real tour, only transportation - and if that basically beats you to death, the tour is no fun. This was our only tour (over 4 weeks) where we were actually glad when it ended. My back hurt for 3 days and impacted our other plans.

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"Good choice to make"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mardi 23 oct. 2018

If you’re planning to visit Loire valley, it would be a great choice to visit with TOURISME. They have so many packages to fit with your schedule and very flexible.

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"A day in the Chateaux"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mercredi 10 oct. 2018

Clarence our driver was polite,courteous and knew his way around the area very well, w could not have covered as much by ourselves.

Each of the chateaus was worth a visit, this tour gave us a taste of 3 of the best each was different.Stunning scenery along the way , with appropriate comments by Clarence.

It would have been nice to have more time in each stop, but again I realise this would not have been an option to cover as much ground as we did.

This tour is great to get an overall idea of the chateaus, if you want an in-depth tour this may not be for you.It was ideal for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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"Excellent rapport qualité/prix"

4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté mardi 25 sept. 2018

J'ai beaucoup apprécié la gentillesse et la disponibilité des accompagnateurs.

Leurs explications sont claires.

Certaines visites sont à effectuer assez rapidement (notamment au Clos Lucé et son jardin), mais j'ai tout de même pu voir le plus important (excepté dans le jardin du Clos Lucé).

Je le conseille surtout aux personnes qui ne sont pas véhiculées et qui souhaitent effectuer les visites sans guide.

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Alice Ragueneau

"Merveilleux tour dans une ambiance gaie"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté samedi 15 sept. 2018

Excellent choix de visites bien préparées grâce à un guide audio. Le personnel est très efficace et agréable.

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D Yu

"4 chateaus = 1 wonderful day"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mercredi 22 août 2018

We had 2 different guides (not just drivers in my opinion) - Oralie in the morning and Elsa in the afternoon.

Our guides were very knowledgeable of the chateaus history and gave us short commentaries of the chateaus we were going to. The chateaus were all so lovely especially the crowd favorite Chenonceau.

Shout out especially Elsa, we were in her car longer, Who did an incredible job.

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"Wow! we saw alot more than we could have on our own!"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté lundi 13 août 2018

We had a very pleasant driver who was local to the region. He kept us moving so that we could see all 4 castles, but we didn't feel rushed (other than when lunch took too long, but that wasn't his fault). We wish he could have come in and provided some tours in the chateaux, but it was nice to wander on our own too. We would have liked more time at each location, but felt that we got a good overview of the castles and region.

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