Adresse: Au départ de l'Office de Tourisme, 37000 Tours Date: Mercredi 20 févr. 2019 - lundi 11 nov. 2019

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  • "Castles"

    mardi 21 août 2018

    "If you like history and castles this tour is perfect for you! We visited four castles in one day which was a little busy and we were very tired by the end. However we enjoyed ho..."


3   Moyen  Commenté mardi 25 sept. 2018

The first tour guide Wasn’t precisely friendly, he didn’t speak or give us extraninformation of what we saw at the road. But most important and concerning: he didn’t gave us time for lunch. So he had us the whole first part of the tour hungry and rushing us everywhere. I found that unacceptable.

Second driver was everything how it was supposed to be, very friendly

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5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mardi 21 août 2018

If you like history and castles this tour is perfect for you! We visited four castles in one day which was a little busy and we were very tired by the end. However we enjoyed how different each castle and grounds were.

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"quatre chateaux qui méritent le détour"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté lundi 20 août 2018

panel de visites intéressantes et diverses avec châteaux de taille variable et d'époque différentes,

et aussi les magnifiques jardins de Villandry. Journée chargée ( temps pour le déjeuner trop bref ).

Guide aimable,attentif et compétent.

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"Helpful, but could have been better"

3   Moyen, recommandé  Commenté dimanche 8 juil. 2018

We booked a full-day tour of four chateaux through Touraine Evasion as the train strikes going on in France during our stay made train travel more difficult. This was, essentially, a taxi service to the different chateaux. Our impression was mixed. One the one hand the van was comfortable (there were 8 of us) and air-conditioned; they absolutely did what they said they'd do, which was drive us to the chateaux and give us a set amount of time in which to wander on our own (typically, an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the castle). That being said, there was no effort made on the part of the tour guide (with whom we spent over FOUR HOURS in the van that day) to educate or inform us in any way, with the exception of a small audioguide they offered us that took maybe 10 minutes. When queried, the guide could answer some questions about the chateaux but did not know the answer to others, nor did she make any effort to answer questions with any depth or really to even converse with us in any way at all, though we all spoke English and so did she. It seemed like a really wasted opportunity on the part of the van service. Again, as a taxi service it was great. But it could have been so much more than that and just wasn't. It's possible we just didn't have a good driver.

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"Circuits châteaux en une journée . Très bien"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté vendredi 1 juin 2018

Azay-,e Rideau, Villandry, Chambord, Chenonceau.

Suggestion: plus de temps pour visiter les jardins Villandry et 1h pour visiter Chenonceau serait suffisant.

Plutôt que de revenir à Tours pour le lunch, aviser les gens d’apporter un lunch et manger en route.

Très belle visite.

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"Un jour condensé"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté dimanche 19 nov. 2017

Un voyage peu pressé, mais ça va vous donner plus des chances de visiter les châteeaux et des cites touristiques que si vous l'organiser vous-même. C'était un jour inoubliable!

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5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mardi 31 oct. 2017

I enjoy my trip to castles very much! Thanks a lot!!

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"Great way to see the castles!"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté jeudi 21 sept. 2017

Perfect for people who do not have a car or want to drive to the castles. The drivers know exactly where to go, park at convenient locations and get you discount tickets into the castles. We had a great day and would highly recommend!

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4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté dimanche 17 sept. 2017

un peu trop au galop le matin, il faudrait commencer les visites à 9 heures pour pouvoir visiter plus Villandry, notamment l'intérieur , on n'a pas le temps, dommage!

Chauffeur très sympathique

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"Lovely place with fantastic tour guide!"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté jeudi 7 sept. 2017

Tours as well as Loire river are so beautiful, the chateaus are very charming. Alought the time was a little bit limited for each castle, since I think I can spend at least half of the day to visit only one of them. lol.

The French chauffeur (also our tour guide) whose English name is Steven (hopefully I didn't rememer it wrongly due to my bad memory of names...) was VERY helpful, thoughtful, and kind. He can speak at least French, English and Japanese! That's amazing. We felt so lucky to meet him.

Highly recommend this tour if you want to see the most fantastic four chateaus within one day! The audiopen was also very interesting to be used. :) Really enjoy the time in Tours. Such an amazing place!

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